Film & Commercial


You've accomplished more than I had envisioned for this project!

Dr. Elizabeth Welch ~ Owner of PostureFit Inc. of South Elgin


Beautiful! Great shots and really nice rich color - love the timing of everything!

Stetson Butler ~ Communications Director of FBCG


      With over 10 years of experience in film, photography, and commercial productions, Robert Didier has become known for his passion and versatile creativity for a multitude of contrasting visual media productions.  Robert's patient collaboration with actors, writers, and employers to achieve a common vision has often led to lasting relationships in the professional field.


Robert Didier has directed several short films including action, horror, and comedy, as well as an award winning feature length comedy "Fruit Man".  He continues to develop promotional videos and photos for small businesses, real estate agencies, artists, etc.





Robert Meylan Didier